TOGAF® – (Level 1 & Level 2)

This combined TOGAF course contains all the learning materials needed in order to prepare for both the TOGAF part 1 exam and TOGAF part 2 exam. The course syllabus includes both the core concepts of the TOGAF Framework (Foundation level) and also shows participants how to apply this knowledge in the real world as a fully qualified TOGAF architect. This course contains all updates from the release of TOGAF v9.1.

For Whom
The TOGAF certification is ideal for anyone looking to excel in an IT organization that values seamless information flow across and between enterprises. It is best suited for :

Enterprise Architecture Professionals

Business Architects

IT Architects

Individuals who require a deeper understanding of TOGAF


  1.  TOGAF certified professionals share common knowledge and expertise that can help these individuals better identify business needs.
  2.  Speak a Language Common to all Professionals in Your Field – Working as a TOGAF professional requires a great deal of communication. You plan and     implement an IT environment for your organization, which requires you to interact with other professionals. As a certified professional, you learn to speak the     language common to all professionals in your field.
  3.  Most organizations seek ways to do the most with the least amount of time and effort. This principle is the focus of TOGAF. A TOGAF course trains you on how to perform tasks with efficiency. This training could reduce your company’s costs and increase its profit margins.
  4.  A TOGAF certification mixes the technical with the management aspects of IT and as a result is a great stepping stone for aspiring managers. TOGAF professionals often design IT infrastructure keeping a bird-eye view on things, which means that they have to consider and weigh different perspectives when implementing a project.


  1.   There are no prerequisites to take the TOGAF 9 Foundation exam (Level 1).
  2.   Participant has to be Level 1 certified in order to appear for Level 2 exam.


This is a Four days course syllabus and is a classroom-based instructor-led one.
Language: English

Course Outline  (Level 1) / Content  :

The following Modules are included in this course :

  1.   Introduction to the Program
  2.   Architecture Development Method
  3.   ADM Guidelines and Techniques
  4.   Architecture Content Framework
  5.   Enterprise Continuum & Tools
  6.   TOGAF Reference Models
  7.   Architecture Capability Framework
  8.   Revision Module – Key Learning Points
  9.   Level 1 Exam

Course Outline  (Level 2) / Content  :

  1.   Preliminary Phase
  2.   Architecture Vision (Phase A)
  3.   Business Architecture (Phase B)
  4.   Information Systems Architecture – Data Architecture (Phase C)
  5.   Technology Architecture (Phase D)
  6.   Opportunities and Solutions (Phase E & F)
  7.   Implementation Governance(Phase G)


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