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The Leadership level of the PeopleCert DevOps qualifications scheme is aimed at anyone who is managing a DevOps team or aspiring to lead a cultural shift towards DevOps practices. If you’re looking for a starter-level certification, you can review PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals.

Managing the DevOps cultural shift

Candidates will learn the concepts, terms, principles, and tools used by DevOps Leadership to approach, validate, and sustain a DevOps transformation. The main goal of the course is to learn how to manage a team culture shift and how to introduce unfamiliar workflow processes across more than one team.

Aligning to business value delivery

During the course, candidates will examine how the full-stack approach can be engaged and implemented within the organization, why DevOps Leadership is needed in modern enterprises, and how it can be aligned to business value delivery. The PeopleCert DevOps Leadership course equips candidates with solid knowledge regarding the practices, processes, automation, and technology used for adapting DevOps within an organization, along with Scrum methodology, people, and their cultural implications.

For Whom

PeopleCert DevOps Qualifications are designed for professionals leading or aspiring to lead software and applications development, IT department, as well as business analysts, project and product managers, and anyone aspiring to gain knowledge of advanced DevOps principles and practices.

With PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals, you will learn about:

  1. What is leadership and what is leadership for DevOps
  2. How to lead an organization through a DevOps transformation
  3. Establish the need for urgency for DevOps
  4. Clarify & align business objectives
  5. Create a vision and strategy for transformation
  6. Identify and influence the vital stakeholders
  7. Lead a culture of self-organized, cross-functional teams
  8. Gather, broadcast and Implement feedback
  9. Enable flow across the value stream
  10. Break work into iterations to accelerate learning and experimentation
  11. Lead for continuous delivery
  12. Lead a culture of continual improvement
  13. Lead for innovation
  14. Improve organizational resilience & sustainability


  1. Unparalleled Quality
  2. Skills development
  3. Improved confidence


  1. PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals Certificate
  2. DevOps Foundation Certificate


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