Refund Policy

The Training and Examination fees must be paid in advance. In the event of cancellation of the candidature, by the client, the work/efforts/activities completed prior to the course will be billed or deducted in FULL. A full refund, after the deduction of incidental charges, if any (for example charges by payment gateway), will be done after a written no notification of cancellation at least 3 days prior to the start of the training program. Alternatively, the client can adjust the course fee in the next batch or another course, after the deduction of the incidental costs accrued.
Payment gateway charges will not be refunded if payment is made by Credit/Debit Card through online.

In the event of a course requiring reschedule or cancelation due to any unforeseen circumstances by 4P, the cost of the course will be refunded in full or the program be rescheduled. The refund will be paid within 10 days of the cancelation/reschedule Refund will be processed in 10 working days.

Requests for reschedule of examinations are highly discouraged. However, if due to unavoidable circumstances, if the participants are still unable to take the examination, a rescheduling fee may also be levied.

Any external costs, such as for cheque cancelation or payment gateway or bank charges, will be borne by the candidate and be deducted from the refund.